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Our business activity is based on the rigor of the commitments assumed, on all the values that we consider fundamental for our growth, which we want to be responsible and sustained in the quality of both the services and products provided, as well as in the relationships we establish with our customers and providers.

Motivated to satisfy the increasingly diversified needs of a progressively more demanding national and international market, we have a wide range of products from domestic to foreign suppliers, always with the guarantee of high quality standards without neglecting the cost / benefit factor. In a sector where innovation is a constant, we aim for the diversification of the products sold, presenting a vast, constantly updated catalog.




The increasing degree of demand from the Client, based on the increased dominance of the Quality / Price ratio, if not on Quality, requires a chain of accountability from the various agents along the way, from the supplier of raw materials to the retailer, which guarantees the final consumer the Quality of the Product you acquire, either by the requirement of the Customer, or by increasingly tight criteria for regulating the characteristics of the Product.

Thus, for the Organization, the advantages of implementing a Quality Management System (QMS) involving Suppliers, Employees and Customers are evident.

To this extent, Quality at Medical Import, assumed by all its Employees, with a view to improving the intrinsic Quality of its Products and Services, for the benefit of the Customer, and reducing the costs of non-quality, for the benefit of the Company’s stability in the medium term.
This implies:
· Promoting the involvement of Employees in Quality;
· To select qualified suppliers;

.To correspond to the quality standards agreed with the Client;
· Providing suitable means for each stage of the qualitative development;
· Reinforce the technical and support means for the pursuit of Quality.

To this end, the Administration of Medical Import, Lda. undertakes to comply with all legislation applicable to the company and to promote the maintenance and continuous improvement of the QMS, in accordance with the ISO 9001 Standard, ensuring the means necessary for its implementation, with emphasis on its communication and understanding by Employees and for its review whenever good practices require it.

Thus transmitting to Customers the confidence that we have the technical capacity and the organization capable of providing, in a consistent and systematic way, the required level of Quality, in order to satisfy their needs and exceed their expectations.

Each person in charge and employees of the company must understand that they have obligations to themselves, to their colleagues and to the company regarding the quality certification.

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