Medical Import Lda is a company created to import and export of Medical Products.

It conducts its business activities in the areas of health and aesthetics including Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Offices and Health at Work.

Founded in 2003, the Medical offers modern facilities and excellent location, with a young, responsible and qualified team with experience in the sector.
Your youth is synonymous with innovation and dynamism, characteristics that associates the experience and professionalism of its employees and the quality of products, and efficiency of services.

Market and Values

Our business activity is based on the accuracy in commitments in all the values ​​that we consider essential to our growth, we want responsible and sustainable quality of both the services and products provided, either in the relationships we have with our customers and our suppliers.

Having as motivation to meet the increasingly diverse needs of a national and international market increasingly demanding, we have a wide range of products from domestic and foreign suppliers, always with the guarantee of high quality standards without negligence factor cost / benefit . In a sector where innovation is a constant, we believe in diversification of products marketed showing a vast, constantly updated catalog.